Products & Frameworks

YoCurd 7 in 1 hands-free Appliance

For All Your Complicated Needs at the Kitchen

IoT connected 7 in 1 Appliance with low form factor and with built in cooling.

Use the free app to select and schedule the operation you want – from anywhere in the world. Eggs to rice to yogurt (curd) can be made with less than 1 minute operation. Make tea right before you leave work -will be ready when you get home. The cooling helps keep the milk at the right temperature.

Food Delivery Platform

End to End framework supporting table, kitchen & delivery

A framework built with mobile first approach. From table based ordering at the tables , to kitchen order displays, real time updates to order over app and delivery

Allows multi kitchen, franchise and multi price menu system. Customers can use the app from home or order at the table or use table kiosk. Drivers know update orders and system routes them based on priority and location.

Quick Toll

Never pay collection fee on your unpaid tolls

Got Toll invoice on mail?. Pay less now!  No Transponders, Pay toll plus fee. We negotiate with the toll authorities so you just pay a fraction. 

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!


We have developed homegrown UI SDK which allows our developers to reuse feature and functionality while keeping the cost low for our clients. If you are in a competitive business and want to shorten your product RTM timeline hire us we can help!

Zero Cost Internet

in 2006 we introduced zero cost internet in south Asian countries. To help the young get inspired by the awe of internet we placed kiosks in public schools, libraries and rural places that allowed 15 minutes of high bandwidth internet


If your business is sandwiched between vendors our patented E2E EzE enterprise service bus can help. With drag and drop functions, plugin and play logic layer can help reduce your cost of development and be agile in this ever changing landscape

In the works

We help our clients in lot of ways. Want to know whats cooking ..hit the button “Learn more”

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